"We thought our tax bill was high, but had very little success appealing the assessment on our own. We contacted TetraTax and they quickly reduced our tax bill by 27%. Very happy with the service and results".

- Owner, retail plaza

why property taxpayers come to us

Many taxpayers come to us frustrated and fed up with an ever increasing property tax bill looking for relief. In fact, 72% of taxpayers who approach us learn from our review that they are over taxed. Others come to us to have their tax bill reviewed just as they do with any other business expense that continues to rise.  They want to know if this cost can be reduced and they want the peace of mind knowing that they are paying no more than their fair share of property tax.

Manufacturing facility - tax savings $54,955

70,000 sf warehouse - tax savings $37,515

67,500 sf retail plaza - tax savings $80,015

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Lower property tax bills - You've come to the right place!

How we do it

We perform an in depth review of your property which includes some or all of the following:

  • Onsite property inspection
  • Examination of the tax jurisdictions property records for errors and miscalculations
  • Determine an opinion of value based on the income, sales comparison, and cost approach
  • Identify tax savings and recommend strategy to maximize results
  • File and manage all documents required during the appeal process
  • Meet and negotiate with municipal officials as required
  • Deliver results

what we do

We work with businesses and commercial taxpayers to reduce and control the real estate and personal property tax expense. Our service is performed on a contingency fee which comes from a percentage of the tax savings we achieve for you. The fee percentage is based on the size, type, and number of properties (contact us for details). We pay for all expenses involved in the process including attorney and appraisal fees when required. No Tax Savings! - You Pay No Fee!

Servicing properties in CT, ME, MA, MD, NH, NY, RI, & VT

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New York - Grievance Day (Feb., May, June, Nov.,  2018) for many towns and villages

Rhode Island - Appeal deadlines July - December, 2018 varies by town

New Hampshire - Appeal deadlines July - September, 2018 for revaluation towns

Maine - Appeal period August - December, 2018  varies by town

Connecticut - Assessment date Oct. 20, 2018

For details on these or other important dates in your state, please contact us.

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