Commercial Property Tax Reduction

Reasons to consider a property tax review

1. Real estate market is dynamic, so too is the value of your property

2. Ever increasing tax bills

3. Property tax revaluation taking place

4. Change in your assessment - up or down

5. Property has vacancy or under utilized space

6. Recently purchased the property

7. Increased competition in the area

8. Business income down or expenses up

9. Tenants complaining about increasing property tax costs

10. Peace of mind knowing you are paying no more than your fair share

Real Estate Taxand in some cases Personal Property Tax, is often one of the largest  fixed expenses affecting a businesses' bottom line. However, property tax rarely gets the same scrutiny as other expenses due to the high costs involved in filing appeals, the time and attention required, and in many cases the complications involved in the appeal process. As a business looking to protect the bottom line or a landlord wanting to keep the tax expense down for tenants, TetraTax Group provides the expertise and strategies to minimize your tax expense and ensure you pay no more than your fair share of property tax.

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